Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.3.2.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [STS-554] - Parse plugin metadata (plugin.xml) for each plugin to obtain info about new methods/properties added by the plugin for code completion
  • [STS-645] - Implement element creation & connection tools
  • [STS-836] - use platform APIs for HTTP access


  • [STS-89] - Suppress creation of dm Server on empty workspace. Wait for user to ask for it.
  • [STS-562] - Authoring button not available in cheatsheet editor
  • [STS-566] - Template wizard should not allow project names with spaces when creating a bundle project.
  • [STS-731] - Cannot retrieve extensions behind a proxy
  • [STS-779] - Memory settings for tc Server too restrictive?
  • [STS-821] - Drawing problems with Spring Batch graph editor
  • [STS-866] - Spring Source Tools 2.3.1 does not work with IBM JDK 5.0
  • [STS-867] - Can't add GRAILS support
  • [STS-868] - Cannot access STS Tutorials
  • [STS-872] - Manifest generation fails on IllegalAccessorError with Scan output folders turned on
  • [STS-874] - Error log is spammed on startup with IllegalArgumentException: ImageRegistry key already in use
  • [STS-875] - Manifest not updated from
  • [STS-882] - Cannot find class file for org/springframework/asm/ClassVisitor with @Aspect + @Before("... @annotation")

New Feature

  • [STS-459] - As a user I would like to be able to use an NTLM proxy
  • [STS-624] - As a user, I want to install servers from the extensions tab
  • [STS-822] - Export Batch graphs to external file (e.g. image)

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