Release Notes - dm Server - Version Sprint 18 - HTML format


  • [DMS-2329] - Find out about CQs
  • [DMS-2330] - Raise Gemini Web Container CQ
  • [DMS-2331] - Continue the conversation with
  • [DMS-2332] - Clone dm Server repos into Virgo & Gemini
  • [DMS-2339] - Add reporting targets to Virgo build
  • [DMS-2342] - Buddy on the Gemini web container renaming


  • [DMS-2344] - There is a circular dep between medic and util. Medic uses a ServiceRegistrationTracker in production (non-test) code.


  • [DMS-2319] - Clone dm Server repositories into Virgo project
  • [DMS-2324] - Automate the gathering of Ivy dependencies of Virgo projects
  • [DMS-2327] - Obtain permission to use git repositories at
  • [DMS-2328] - Raise CQ for Gemini Web Container

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