Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.9.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [STS-1656] - Support Spring 3.1 bean definition profiles
  • [STS-1694] - Support Spring 3.1 nested <beans> elements


  • [STS-2104] - STS IDE shuts down with no warning
  • [STS-2108] - SpringSource Tool Suite installed cause CDT debugging to fail on startup
  • [STS-2149] - Incorrect warning for URI template variable not being defined when it's defined in a super class
  • [STS-2166] - STS Bean Validator causes NPE when expanding warnings after build
  • [STS-2262] - Annoying error message: Project facet has not been defined.
  • [STS-2382] - [tc server] can type into non-existent text box
  • [STS-2383] - [tc server] Finish button active too early on New Server wizard
  • [STS-2385] - [tc server] Finish active when it should not be
  • [STS-2400] - Error with WAR packaging: META-INF\spring\applicationContext.xml not found on "jpa setup" command
  • [STS-2404] - Two problems when creating simple Roo script
  • [STS-2406] - Importing Roo multi-module project opens module shells instead of parent shell
  • [STS-2407] - Cannot correctly import multi-level Gradle project into Eclipse or run JUnit tests
  • [STS-2411] - javax.validation error when creating Roo project
  • [STS-2412] - Several errors creating simple roo+gwt project
  • [STS-2431] - STS validator problem on SWF dynamic transition target
  • [STS-2436] - ClassCastException in OpenNamespaceConfigWizardCommandHandler.getFile
  • [STS-2443] - SWT exception in preference dialog


  • [STS-2378] - Test cases for Grails DSLDs
  • [STS-2432] - update to m2e wtp integration 0.15

New Feature

  • [STS-2085] - Support a 'generate eclipse files only' mode
  • [STS-2363] - Provide an easy way to 'reimport' or *fully* refresh a group of projects
  • [STS-2388] - add support of addon-tailor in sts roo shell
  • [STS-2415] - setup nightly build based on Eclipse 4.2 milestones


  • [STS-2410] - Distil import wizrad requirements from use-case

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