Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.9.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [STS-2322] - STS should be more intelligent about how it adds the spring nature for maven projects
  • [STS-2445] - instance creation fails when JAVA_HOME is not set correctly


  • [STS-1434] - Importing maven projects does not add java project nature
  • [STS-1647] - Project Configuration out-of-date after Installing or deploying an artifact into the Maven repo
  • [STS-1745] - STS dies without warning upon compiling AspectJ/Roo project
  • [STS-1987] - Content Assist suggests .identity{ Closure closure } every time I intend .id on untyped Grails domain instances.
  • [STS-2082] - Cannot import Gradle 1.0-milestone-3 source only distribution project
  • [STS-2098] - Importing existing Maven project throws NullPointerException
  • [STS-2132] - Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.0.2:compile Compilation error
  • [STS-2170] - "Link with Editor" works not correctly for Classes in dependencies
  • [STS-2172] - Grails explorer nodes 'plugins' and 'classpath' always collapse upon refresh
  • [STS-2192] - Transitive dependencies on JARs are not deployed
  • [STS-2215] - Update configuration against a Maven project fail with NullPointerException NPE
  • [STS-2275] - GC overhead limit exceeded
  • [STS-2280] - Gradle launch script saves last launch location absolute path: this produces unwanted changes under version control
  • [STS-2288] - Pre-packaged VMware vFabric TC Server Developer Edition v.2.6 cannot serve modules without publishing
  • [STS-2297] - m2e removes Spring project nature when you update the maven configuration
  • [STS-2310] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/springsource/sts/maven/MavenCorePlugin$PomResourceChangeListener$PomResourceVisitor
  • [STS-2329] - Groovy debugging: "Conditional Breakpoint Error / An exception occurred durring evalution." when groovy project contains references to other projects and conditional breakpoints are used
  • [STS-2330] - Underlining in UrlMappings, when inferencing should ignore the unknown references.
  • [STS-2332] - In unit tests, grails controller flash, params, etc references are underlined
  • [STS-2337] - StackOverflowError with groovy operation
  • [STS-2338] - Unable to create functioning tc server instances in STS
  • [STS-2341] - Failing to install Groovy plugin
  • [STS-2344] - STS crashed each time the content assistant dialog shown when input the <r:script in gsp file
  • [STS-2347] - Using Grails 2.0.0, external jar files are not included in build path
  • [STS-2349] - Creating duplicate and pom.xml files in jar file
  • [STS-2350] - @Rollback(false) and broken state due to java.lang.ClassCastException
  • [STS-2351] - Both STS and command-line version of GRAILS-2.0.0 download a corrupt spring-tx-3.1.0.RELEASE.jar file.
  • [STS-2352] - Gradle dependencies refreshed whenever Eclipse starts
  • [STS-2355] - STS Grails support conflicts with MDT Papyrus: no Grails domain, controller, taglibs, src/java, src/groovy, etc.
  • [STS-2361] - Grails Run On Server source code locator broken for source jars in Grails dependencies
  • [STS-2369] - Enabling Gradle DSLD support on AspectJ projects will cause build errors
  • [STS-2372] - Editing or even viewing Grails Run/Debug configuration environment clears it
  • [STS-2375] - The tooltip text on the 'Refresh' button in the task view says 'link with editor'
  • [STS-2377] - Gradle web projects with javax.servlet dependency lead to errors on server
  • [STS-2379] - Autoconfiguration for grails bundle not working.
  • [STS-2381] - First entity jpa doesn't update roo 1.2 project
  • [STS-2386] - STS constantly crashes with StackOverflowError and needs a restart
  • [STS-2390] - creating a new roo project does not initialize the roo console


  • [STS-2258] - Spring m2e project configurator not working as well as it could
  • [STS-2326] - Allow user to specify Maven packaging when creating new Spring Roo project
  • [STS-2389] - Provide an option to turn off underlining in all .gradle files.

New Feature

  • [STS-180] - As a user, I want to import a Maven project into STS and have it correctly configured (Spring configuration files, etc)
  • [STS-2088] - Provide DSLD support for Gradle build files


  • [STS-825] - New Bean Wizard should have an option for creating a new class
  • [STS-2367] - Update Gradle tooling to 1.0.M7
  • [STS-2368] - Make Groovy 1.8 the default compiler when installing Groovy-Eclipse from dashboard
  • [STS-2387] - Move grails.dsld from the Grails distribution into STS

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