Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.8.0.RC2 - HTML format


  • [STS-1017] - Error uninstalling Grails plugin from a Grails plugin in Eclipse
  • [STS-1767] - Spock support in STS - highlight keyword
  • [STS-1892] - look into AbstractMethodError when using groovy++ with grails project
  • [STS-2093] - Invalid feature branding in Spring IDE
  • [STS-2134] - STS hangs when pasting source code possibly due to com.springsource.sts.quickfix.jdt.AnnotationCompilationParticipant.reconcile
  • [STS-2144] - Grails constraints DSL has underlining where it should not
  • [STS-2148] - Groovy Debugging problem --- cannot evaluate local variables referenced from inside of closures
  • [STS-2150] - Moving Spring context from one Spring project to another triggers NullPointerException


  • [STS-1989] - Re-enable tests after moving to Grails 2.0.0.M2
  • [STS-2065] - Enhance WTP projects support

New Feature

  • [STS-916] - Add log4j.dtd to public XML catalog
  • [STS-2152] - Allow an easy upgrade path for users of m2eclipse to migrate to m2e v1.0


  • [STS-1360] - Recognize packages imported by @Grab

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