Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.8.0.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [STS-1922] - [spring 3.1] content-assist for c-namespace


  • [STS-1289] - Transitive in place plugin dependencies not being properly refreshed.
  • [STS-2027] - STS crashes regularly on Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit
  • [STS-2103] - RequestMappings view does not seem to correctly identify methods when @RequestMapping is declared at a class level
  • [STS-2117] - @PathVariable validation for @RequestMapping doesn't work if @PathVariable use value explicit
  • [STS-2128] - Spring MVC Template project configuration not valid after creation
  • [STS-2146] - neo4j plugin for grails doesn't work so well in STS
  • [STS-2160] - org.eclipse.m2e.MAVEN2_CLASSPATH_CONTAINER added to classpath
  • [STS-2162] - annotation-defined beans are no longer found for validation and content-assist
  • [STS-2163] - Grails timout error


  • [STS-1532] - Cleanup dependencies between tc-server and dm-server support


  • [STS-2010] - Upgrade Grails RunOnServer tests to work with latest tcServer packaged with STS

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