Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.8.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [STS-1181] - Support renaming of views and associated actions
  • [STS-1657] - Support Spring 3.1 c: (constructor) namespace
  • [STS-1923] - [spring 3.1] validation support for c-namespace
  • [STS-1924] - [spring 3.1] basic integration for c-namespace into namespace handling


  • [STS-839] - Eclipse Views Flicker when Switching from a Java Editor to applicationContext.xml Editor
  • [STS-1287] - Dynamic finders should provide method parameters in content assist proposals
  • [STS-1429] - Problems importing exported Grails projects with empty source folders
  • [STS-1490] - [gsps] ctrl+click navigation to references opens something unusual...
  • [STS-1517] - Invalid grails install causes cryptic error messages when executing commands
  • [STS-1780] - NullPointerException when attempting to execute 'Update Maven Configuration'
  • [STS-1907] - Gradle dependency management: Referenced libraries conflict with Gradle dependencies classpath container if ./gradlew eclipse plugin is run first
  • [STS-1936] - Invalid thread access while workspace configuration
  • [STS-1946] - BIRT fails to display preview in STS
  • [STS-1963] - Gradle plugin doesn't consider all dependencies of build.gradle
  • [STS-1973] - STS - Extension tab broken when behind NTLM proxy
  • [STS-1992] - GSP/Scaffolding template editor adds spurious "Comment not closed" annotations
  • [STS-1997] - Editing and inferencing support for new Unit testing API and DSL
  • [STS-2017] - On Windows, Grails 2.0 commands that ask y/n type questions spin-off into an infinite loop
  • [STS-2033] - When visualizing Spring Integration processes "Exception-type-routers" are not shown
  • [STS-2035] - Unable to install Groovy Eclipse after installing Gradle
  • [STS-2037] - [upstream] ensure that CF deployment works when war file has not changed
  • [STS-2048] - SpringLoaded: IllegalAccessError: Caused by updating class with superclass that has package private method
  • [STS-2054] - Running ./gradlew eclipse before project import can cause duplicate JRE container entry
  • [STS-2068] - push-in of Roo-generated converter methods in ApplicationConversionServiceFactoryBean doesn't move method to java source
  • [STS-2069] - Create a workaround for Gradle-1766 that works for Gradle M3
  • [STS-2071] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException during "Building Spring AOP reference model"
  • [STS-2076] - only one open Roo shell possible
  • [STS-2079] - When a gradle multiproject fails to build gradle model this can make IDE unusable
  • [STS-2083] - Dashboard fails to load after installing Jetty Target Components from Indigo update site
  • [STS-2084] - Grails 2.0.0.M2 - created plugin projects do not compile
  • [STS-2089] - don't work with grails 2.0.0 new Interactive Mode
  • [STS-2094] - Reimporting a set of projects causes "Preferences Node has been deleted" error
  • [STS-2111] - class file has wrong version in STS when compiling grails 2.0.0.M2 project
  • [STS-2112] - cannot create a Grails project under non-direct child of workspace folder
  • [STS-2113] - Shell does not open after creating a Roo project


  • [STS-599] - Allow CTRL+click navigation from a URL mapping in UrlMappings.groovy to the mapped controller/action
  • [STS-1440] - Possibility to attach source jars via ivy
  • [STS-1822] - Support custom configurations
  • [STS-1919] - update Maven and m2eclipse
  • [STS-1927] - Provide support for Gradle based webapps
  • [STS-1938] - errorChannel and nullChannel in visual editor
  • [STS-1947] - Roo Shell: More flexible patterns for Hyperlinking to allow error reporting
  • [STS-1988] - Gradle Import Wizard should sort projects alphabetically
  • [STS-1998] - Support for grails abstract domain classes
  • [STS-1999] - A console hyperlink detector for grails 2.0 stack traces
  • [STS-2034] - In the STS "integration-graph" tab - Add an Exception-Type-Router icon under "Routing"
  • [STS-2062] - Override Gradle Distribution should allow allow updating the preference
  • [STS-2063] - When importing a WTP project the Gradle Classpath container should be added to the component assembly
  • [STS-2086] - Provide option in import wizard to run gradle cleanEclipse and eclipse tasks before importing
  • [STS-2091] - Add a 'run eclipse tasks' to Gradle import wizard
  • [STS-2107] - Attempt to avoid user from Hitting GRADLE-1792

New Feature

  • [STS-1373] - Renaming a controller action should rename associated view
  • [STS-2059] - As a developer, I would like Gradle Eclipse to be able run a Gradle Task(s) on Import


  • [STS-1370] - Better navigation and content assist in GSPs
  • [STS-1910] - [testing] Try out Gradle tooling on spring-data-redis project
  • [STS-2073] - Add spring-security project to integration suite
  • [STS-2074] - Manual test that gradle tools not breaking when WTP is not installed

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