Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version 2.6.1.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [STS-1720] - create runtime for vFabric tc Server 2.5
  • [STS-1736] - stopping tc Server 2.5 logs exception
  • [STS-1737] - template chooser should not show show base-tomcat-6 and base-tomcat-7
  • [STS-1738] - instance name should not allow space
  • [STS-1739] - not all webapplications are properly published to tc Server 2.5


  • [STS-1675] - Internal Services cache not being refreshed properly


  • [STS-1612] - add static namedQueries to CodeCompletion on Domain Classes
  • [STS-1631] - Update tc Server to 2.5

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