Release Notes - Spring Tool Suite - Version Sprint 9 - HTML format


  • [STS-657] - Implement and test new deployer API usage
  • [STS-702] - Reuse BeanDefinitionHolderRule in as-you-type validation
  • [STS-703] - Reuse BeanDefinitionRule in as-you-type validation
  • [STS-707] - Reuse BeanMethodOverrideRule in as-you-type validation
  • [STS-711] - Reuse RequiredPropertyRule in as-you-type validation
  • [STS-712] - Reuse SpringParsingProblemsRule in as-you-type validation
  • [STS-753] - Graph pages should have a form header
  • [STS-754] - Move the layout toggle button from the window toolbar into the editor header
  • [STS-783] - fix failing config editor tests
  • [STS-789] - add check box to tc Server editor
  • [STS-790] - show PONT dialog on first launch
  • [STS-793] - specify platform filters for bundles that use new extension point format
  • [STS-794] - verify that insight actions are only displayed when insight application is available and enabled
  • [STS-795] - only show tc Server and dm Server extensions if not installed
  • [STS-801] - copy insight configuration files to workspace


  • [STS-136] - Error creating new class implementing an interface
  • [STS-480] - Update batch-graph features for Spring Batch 2.1
  • [STS-481] - Package version changes on selecting its properties in the manifest overview tab
  • [STS-509] - Quick fix and as-you-type validation don't understand class and method names and bean references in namespace elements
  • [STS-517] - Strange validation errors in spring xml files (not found)
  • [STS-662] - Problem starting Spring tcServer - Missing expected file or folder tijars.
  • [STS-695] - Make sure as you type quickfixes correspond to Spring IDE validations
  • [STS-763] - [grails] Refresh dependencies doesn't work with Selenium RC and Grails 1.2.0
  • [STS-768] - Web template projects should change the context root and resource ids
  • [STS-772] - Bean reference quickfix needs to take into account beans that are defined but not yet saved
  • [STS-780] - Filenames are too long
  • [STS-784] - Support dynamic generation of form content for the config editor
  • [STS-786] - Roo Shell display fails while running on server
  • [STS-798] - Fix duplicate proposals shown for quick fix
  • [STS-799] - Add Remove @Deprecated quick fix proposal for class and method
  • [STS-805] - New Roo projects require Java 1.6 compiler compliance
  • [STS-816] - Not possible to define Javadoc locations for jars under "Grails Dependencies"
  • [STS-818] - Template projects broken in existing workspace after upgrade
  • [STS-820] - Delay and timeout loading Spring Batch 2.0 schema
  • [STS-824] - Can not install Tasktop Pro
  • [STS-826] - Fix NPE in content assist in bean wizard
  • [STS-827] - Problem Unzipping SpringSource
  • [STS-829] - factory-method attribute
  • [STS-833] - Typo under Preferences->Spring->Repository Browser
  • [STS-846] - Grammatic error in the installation dialog
  • [STS-847] - Autowired dependency graph does not render dependency between @Component being injected with DataSource created by <jdbc:embedded-database/>

New Feature

  • [STS-639] - As a user, I want to use the new dm Server 2.0 deployer API
  • [STS-773] - As a user, I want to install additional extensions and see and update installed extensions
  • [STS-788] - As a user I would like to be able to disable Spring Insight when running tc Server
  • [STS-834] - As a user, I would like to get a welcome page contribution when installing the plug-in version
  • [STS-838] - As a user I want to be able to compile projects against versions of spring framework projects other than what STS ships with internally and do so without causing tooling incompatibility


  • [STS-70] - Customizable Dashboard
  • [STS-743] - Propose a way to use STS without m2eclipse
  • [STS-832] - Refreshing Flex artifacts (.swf, .swc) should not cause bundle refresh

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